Body Toning  Training– 60 Days Challenge

Most people think that toning your body means getting more firmer muscles by doing more reps with lighter weight. What you may not know is that this idea of toning the muscles is a myth.


Body Strengthening Programs – 60 Days Challenge

When you perform resistance exercises, you cause microscopic tears within your muscles. While you can do a full body workout every day, you won’t give your muscles enough time to recover and you risk injuring them instead of building them.


Weight Loss Program – 60 Days Challenge

Having a steady exercise routine is important for your overall health and it can certainly offset some of what you eat, proper nutrition is the real answer to effectively fighting fat.


Inch Loss Program & Body Sculpting–
75 Days Challenge

Losing weight can give you a new life, by giving you more energy overall better health increased self-confidence, and the ability to do things you may not have been able to for years. When you lose fat, it’s like having a brand new life.


Shredding Extreme Weights above 110 KG –
90 Days Challenge

What’s the best way to get shredded? If you’re like most people, what came to mind was a combination of extreme food and calorie restriction, grueling high-rep weightlifting workouts and hours of cardio each week.


Pre Marriage Fitness Transformation Programme for the Bride & Groom – 60 Days Challenge

It’s stress almost all bride and grooms experience, being photographed and peeked at from all angles of the room. The Ultimate Bridal Transformation Workout Plan! The most effective 60 days pre-wedding workout plan ever created!

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