Hawk Fitness Studio

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    • Modern Techniques

      Discover an advanced range of wellness solutions and specialist gym techniques in our Hawk Fitness Studio

    • Sports Nutrition

      Many have used sports nutrition to reach optimal fitness. At Hawk, Fuel your body the right way for optimal performance in sports and athletics.

    • Diet Selection

      Get some great tips right here to help you make the right choice in Diet selection! Let’s face it.

    • Parking Facility

      Ample Parking space for bikes and cars of the members.

    • Group & Personal Trainings

      Are you trying to decide between joining a group or getting personal training? Then Hawk Fitness Studio is the right choice.

    • Change Rooms

      Change Rooms for both Male and Female provided separately for their convenience.

    • Washroom

      Hygienic washrooms and toilets to refresh inside the Gym before and after workouts.

  • Lockers

    Individual Lockers for keeping their valuable things.

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